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    NUC6i5SYH unable to create UEFI partitions


      I have a brand new nuc6i5syh with 33 bios level. It has a SSD. I cannot make Windows 10 x64 create the needed UEFI partitions. Not in a AutoUnattend file or through the GUI install. I have checked all the UEFI setting in the bios and they are on and correct. If I do regular bios partitions everything is ok. ??????????

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          Hi Arrint,


          Windows® 10 usually creates the 4 partitions necessary to install the operating system. I suggest you to do the following. Get into the BIOS, press F9 then, F10 (Reset BIOS settings); restart the NUC and get into the BIOS again, verify if M.2 option is checked at Advanced>Devices>PCI


          Plug the USB Windows® 10 bootable drive to the NUC and start the NUC. Keep tapping F10 and select UEFI – USB Windows® bootable drive then, format the Solid State Drive or erase the current partitions and install the operating system again.


          Mike C