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    CIR Make in NUC6i3SYK?



      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

      Logitech Harmony 900 Remote




      Can anyone please confirm the CIR make that's in the NUC6i3SYK?  Intel has posted drivers from ITE Tech However, I have seen in other forums that is should be the same as the NUC5 which is a Nuvoton device.


      The ITE Tech drivers installed with an error.  I don't recall the error but can post it later if needed. I was something like (0xe000020b aborting , please reboot and try again).  What is strange is that I do have some limited functionality with my remote even though the drivers didn't install correctly.  I can see the ITE Tech driver in Device Manager, under 'System devices' but no other references to a CIR anywhere else.  In other posts, users have advised that it should appear as a 'ehome remote' in device manager.


      Any advice or pointers are much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.