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    Intel HD 4400 not clocking below 600MHz, what's wrong?



      I just noticed that the integrated gpu from my i3-4005U won't run bellow 600MHz. Power saving options won't make it go slower nor unplugging the laptop from the wall.


      If i chose "Maximum battery life" on the intel control panel, the frequency will be locked at 600MHz.

      "Balanced mode" will put it at 600MHz when idle but increase the frequency to 950MHz (and others in between) when on load.

      "Maximum Performance Mode" will make it run at 950MHz all the time.


      This is also the same case if i change the power settings on windows (Win 8.1 64bit).


      I do remember seeing lower values in the past like 300 something Mhz. I remember clearly that i could not run steam big picture in "Maximum battery life" because the slow 300MHz would make the GUI sluggish.

      I'm currently running the latest drivers ( I don't know when this started happening because the last time i used GPU-Z was like a year ago and i already upgraded the gpu drivers several times since then.


      Is this normal? My laptop is constantly plugged to the wall so it kinda doesn't matter but i'm going to start using it outside and i want it to last as long as possible.

      Did something change on the drivers that made the 600MHz the slowest frequency?



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          Hello, MikePT:


          While using OEM devices like yours, the recommendation is to download and install the drivers from the manufacturer's website.


          This is to avoid any issues like this, also, any special features or settings would not be available when using the generic drivers from Intel®.


          Since the Intel® driver you are currently using is generic, chances are that it is having issues when it tries to lower the frequency to a certain level.


          Please do try with the drivers provided by your OEM, by accessing their website and looking for the model of your unit.



          Esteban C

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            EstebanC_Intel, thank you..


            I don't think that is the case for two reasons:

            1st- I use generic drivers from the intel website since day one of purchasing the laptop (since the ones provided by the OEM are never up to date) so the lower frequency i had in the past was while using generic drivers.

            2nd- I just tried the drivers provided by my OEM and the minimum frequency was still 600MHz. I think this may be because of the fact that they are "only" about 4 or 5 months old.


            Unfortunately neither intel nor my OEM provide older drivers for me to test. I did notice that when i uninstalled the OEM version (to go back to the generic up to date version), GPU-Z did show 400MHz with the very old Microsoft generic driver.


            Also, this isn't just affecting laptops. This guy has a desktop and noticed the same thing: 4690K - HD 4600 doesn't clock below 600MHz

            I think most people just don't care about this so they don't even go and check it out but it is kind of important to me.

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              Hello, MikePT:


              I would like to get some information from your system.


              Please check this link and provide me with the information noted there.

              IMPORTANT - Required information for reporting Graphics issues


              I look forward to your reply.



              Esteban C