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    Humidity sensors compatible with Grove Shield


      Hello there,


      I'm looking for any humidity ( doesn't need to have humidity & temp) sensor that I can connect directly into the Seeedstudio Grove shield (that is attached to the intel edison arduino board). I've already read that the DHT11 / DHT22  has some issues and only a workaround exists (since I admit I'm not really technically-skilled to do any HW engineering / soldering / DYI work etc.,as I'm more into SW side of thing, this is not the right solution for me...)


      I've read similar thread that suggested buying one of these:


      But I really don't know how much work is involved in this to get it working with Grove shield


      Other candidates for Humidity sensors are the following (which I've got from IoT - Sensors, actuators, and shields to bring your project to life | Intel® Developer Zone):


      IoT - HTU21D Temperature | Intel® Developer Zone


      But again, for a me as a person with very light HW engineering skills, I don't know what's really involved in getting it to work.


      Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Thank you