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    new dx58so build


      hi guys, i am new to these forums, i started researching here for advice and guidance through a build. this will be my third, my first, i'm typing on, an old 865 chipset that i've had for years. i've upgraded and kept this board playing, but i think it's time for a newer, faster machine. i caught the Antec 1200 case with the Antec ctx 850 p/s on combo from newegg, i've been watching and reading the forums and backwash about the dx58so board and purchased it also. i have a WD caviar 320 gig coming in a couple of days, but i'm having a kind of a hard time deciding on memory and the operating system to run games on. the specs specically ask for presence detect memory only and i've only found three instances with this feature.

             anyone that has successfully built one of these systems, i would appreciate any and all input from. also the new board i've received is one of the 504 series, what will i have to look forward to with the bios update?