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    NUC6i5SYK freezing after Win10 update


      Was working on my computer last night, my NUC froze out of nowhere - audio just cut and repeated a "errr" sound, keyboard and mouse input stopped working. Restarted the computer (power button), mouse and keyboard would work for about two seconds (literally) then freeze. Reinstalled Win10, and everything was working smooth until updates started installing. I noticed in the update package there was an Intel 540 Graphics update, but not sure if that's related. Regardless, during the installation of the updates the same problem occurred and the NUC is unusable - marginally above a brick.


      Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a workaround? I changed my Win10 update settings to not be automatic, but didn't catch a way to choose which updates are installed (like on 7 or XP), nor am I sure which update is causing the issue.


      Setup is: NUC6i5SYK, Samsung 850 M2 SSD, and 32GB of G.Skill Ripjaws 2133.


      Edit: corrected setup

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          I am also having similar problems.  I didn't consider a Windows update being a problem   My NUC is experiencing problems playing certain media files, making it currently almost useless as an HTPC (see post in these forums).


          What kind of work are you doing when yours locks up?

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            Interesting. I checked the NUC drivers page for the 6i5SYK, and looks like a whole bunch were released yesterday (here). I was programming and doing light data work in R, listening to Spotify, had MS Word open, Notepad++ open, and Chrome open as well. Sophos is my anti-virus program.


            The computer froze in the middle of some coding. The keyboard not working meant the lock keys (caps, num) did not light up when toggled. The mouse did not move at all. What was weird is that it happened after restart at the login screen - but it didn't boot there and never work, it just worked for about two seconds then froze.

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              Thanks for pointing out the updated drivers.  I know the Skylake NUCs are very new hardware so I am willing to give Intel some time to iron out the drivers a bit.


              Curious - what RAM are you using?  Mine is rated at 2400Mhz but clocks down to 2133.  I can't imagine that would cause an issue.

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                Using this kit, voltage appears correct and description claims "Optimized Compatibility with 6th Gen Intel Core Processors" (for whatever that's worth).

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                  Not sure what the policy is on bumps, but would greatly appreciate some input from an Intel rep. I'm stuck with a NUC brick due to the latest driver updates released on 2016-02-03. There is no way to prevent Windows 10 from installing these updates, and I cannot roll them back because once they're installed, they freeze the system. I doubt I'm the only one experiencing this issue.

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                    I am actually happy to report some good news from my end.  After applying the newly released video drivers, (knock on wood) I have been a few hours in now with no lockup, when playing the media files that would lock the system up.



                    I mainly use this for HTPC but over the weekend I will be doing some other testing on it to simulate general use and will let you know if I run into any problems.  Have you run Prime95 perchance?

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                      Well, sadly things have gone totally downhill for me.  I came home from work today, logged into Windows and started getting werfault.exe errors constantly to the point I had to power down the NUC.  After rebooting, I started getting BSOD (Win10 sadface) and the cause cycled between 3 different errors.  My Windows installation seems to have completely blown itself to smithereens.  I will be running memtest and checking the m.2 sata drive.


                      Very disappointed.  I don't want to point fingers until I can do more root cause analysis.  I would be happy if it were as silly as a bad stick of RAM.

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                        Problem ended up being a bad RAM module.  I had to run memtest for a few hours but it eventually came up with a huge error count and I isolated the bad module.  Running on 1 for the time being until my RMA comes in.


                        Hopefully it is smooth sailing now.

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                          Apologies for the delay, but I suspect a bad stick of RAM was causing the freezes. I updated to BIOS 0033 and the NUC could no longer see my SSD. That freaked me out a bit, but as it turns out, the M2 drive slot is turned on by default in BIOS 0028 and turned off by default in BIOS 0033. Put some new RAM in the NUC and changed this setting in the BIOS, all seems to be running pretty smooth so far. If I have a chance, I will memtest the other RAM and report back with results.

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                            Marked answer as uncorrect. The issue persisted. It was not the RAM. The two most likely threads are here and here.