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    Boot Linux WITHOUT a serial cable


      My ultimate goal is to create a very accurate time server (GPS driven) using one of two Gen-1 Galileos.   Neither Galileo came with audio jack serial adapter, so, I'm struggling.   I can boot either board into the Arduino IDE and connect over a USB port AND the USB port on each shows up as a serial port (to Windows) as well.  Interestingly, one of the boards comes up named "Galileo" on Com4; but the other just is a "device" on COM3.  I've tried using putty to connect, with the COM4 board, I see a few garbage characters and the a string of hex digits.  With the COM3 board, I see nothing.


      In any case - is there some way (step by step please) to get to a Linux boot on the board, either from the USB cable or from a network, WITHOUT first going through a serial port?  Or, worst (and I do mean worst) case, can someone point me at documentation so I can make my own serial to audio adapter cable.


      Thanks in advance!


      Clay Jackson