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    NUC6i5SY Memtest86 freezes if 1 SATA or NVMe device attached


      I'm experiencing unstable behavior (random freezes and crashes) and are not able to install Win 10 on the NUC.

      After reading other discussions about memory issues I decided to run Memtest86+

      I installed Memtest86 (6.2.0) on a USB key. At first Memtest boots, displays a text menu and then crashes, reporting ¨ISOLINUX 4.06 0x50ac094d ETCD¨

      And now it gets interesting. If I attach a SATA device, Memtest runs fine. I reproduced this several times.

      Next I removed the NVMe and kept the SATA SSD, Memtest freezes again (without the ISO:INUX message)

      Next I removes both NVMe and SATA SSD, Memtest runs ok


      Memtest runs OK if:

      No SATA and no NVMe SSD are present

      SATA and NVMe SSD are present

      Mmetest freezes if SATA or NVMe SSD are present

      I do not understand this. Maybe the NUC UEFI/BIOS initializations is different with or without SATA/NVMe devices?

      system:     NUC6i5SYB

      RAM:        1x8G Transcend TS1GSH64V1H

      NVMe:      Samsung 950 PRO 256G NVMe SSD

      SATA:       Unigerr 64G SSD (connected on SATA interface, external powered)