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    remote drive mount - static IP




      I'm using intel AMT to drive PC's drive via ISCSI... but I have a customer who doesn't have local DHCP. Can I configure RDM for static IP?




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          Well ... RDM's  Use Case Reference Design (UCRD)  .iso file is designed to work with DHCP only.

          BUT you can rebuild this ISO image modifying its setup and content to suport static IP (I guess you will have to fix image IP to predefined value ,,, or use SOL to allow IP/SM entry from the console)


          Original RDM package contains remotedrivemount.tar.gz file with ISO image source files and UCDR documentation PDF file contains brief information how to rebuild  ISO image in Appendix A.


          You will need Linux network stack knowledge as well to do it (and this is not provided in Intel's UCRD ).


          I am not Linux expert at all so can't help more.


          If you will succeed to rebuild ISO please share it in this community - others (like me) may like to reuse it (if you wish to do so of course