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    D865GBF/D865PERC desktop board

      Dear all,

      At our power plant, Intel Desktop board D865GBF/D865PERC is used in the HMI systems of our Gas Turbine control system. The supplier of the control system did not handover all the software CDs required for installing the HMI system on a new hardware. Hence, we are depending only on Norton GHOST backup/restore. As restoring a system using GHOST, is not working if the hardware changes, we are required to purchase the Intel Desktop board D865GBF/D865PERC. But, we are unable to find a source for this desktop board. Can any of you tell me if I can use the GHOST restore on any other type of Intel boards available today?

      Thanking you,

      K.V.S. Viswanatha Ram

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          If it's a windows platform:


          -Yeah!, there's no will be problem, maybe one or two restart, until the system recognizing all the tricks of the new Board, You must adquire a Intel Chipset board to do this. If the chipsets are too different prepare for the headache.


          - If you could start normally because the BSOD, try start in Safe Mode, and unninstall one driver, this is the "PCI BUS", for unninstall all the Motherboard drivers old. And try to boot again in normal mode.


          Goog Luck.

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            you can buy this board brand new old stock at



            here is a copy of an email i just got from them. i received the board today and it is as described.




            Good morning


            We do have D865PERC in stock new at $219.09.  Since these are replacement boards they do not include drivers, cables or other accessories.  They are just the board we get from Intel 10 per box with no retail packaging.  They are new as in never used.  Of course it’s an older board and they have been here a while.


            Each board is covered by a 90-day warranty.  I am showing I have 55 left in stock.  If you are looking for more I will confirm that with the warehouse.


            Thank you!



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