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    Motherboard DP43BF onboard lan Broadcom issue


      Hello. I have an issue about process of work the LED of lan interface in the backside of system block PC. I think there's might be some problems. When my PC is switched off that LED starts to wink. The winks being through the two seconds interval 6 or 7 times and through the less of second after that twice then again 6, 7, 8 times through the two seconds and next for this cycle. Why it is happens? The LED is very bright and very much get attention on itself. I didn't find the codes in the manual of the motherboard it is why I think that there's may be problem.

      In a more. Sometimes I have a problem with LAN when my PC is loaded from a reboot or on the next day switching on. The icon nearby clock in the task bar has an exclamation mark. It problem resolves by replug connector of wire LAN into motherboard once. It happens one within three times of loads. It is very many and makes much irritation.

      I have reinstall lan driver but in the driver properties might did saved old information about version and date of update.

      Driver properties after removing and Install new downloaded driver:


      This is screenshot from Remove or Install programs:


      Information from the support site: