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    Galileo gen 2 not powering up


      Hi guys, having a problem with my gen 2.


      It will not power up from the DC power supply.

      No lights come on when switched on, nada!


      When the usb cable is connected however, a couple of lights flash on the board but my PC still does not recognise the board.


      Any suggestions?

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          Hi scon2o1o,

          I assume you are using the original power supply, right (the one included in the Galileo box)?


          If you have access to another power supply, then use it. If it fails, the problem is in the Galileo.


          Galileo documentation strongly suggests avoiding power via the USB cable. I've been told some people did some tests, but it is not possible as a stable solution, though, since the documentation is strictly warning against this power supply "option".





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            Hi scon2o1o,


            I would like to know if you have been able to work with your board.

            Since when is this happening?