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    S5520SC: fan control with a Chenbro SR105 case?


      I am integrating Intel S5520SC motherboard with a Chenbro SR105 chassis, and can't figure out how to quiet the fans down.  I followed advice on updating SDR to only "listen" to fan connectors with attached fans (CPU1 and 2, SysFan 1 and 5), but the fans still run at full speed.


      The case only has two fans (besides the one in the PSU of course): 120mm 4-pin rear (SYSFAN5) and 80mm 3-pin front (SYSFAN1).


      If anyone has step-by-step instructions, or even a general idea how to bring this configuration into obedience, it will be greatly appreciated.


      - Chenbro SR105 chassis 600W

      - Intel S5520SC motherboard, BIOS 42

      - dual E5520 2.26GHz Xeons

      - Intel BXSTS100A Active heat sinks with fixed fans

      - 6x2GB ECC RAM

      - Nvidia Quadro FX 1800 Graphics




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