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    NUC i5 6260U does not POST after more than 10 hours in operation


      Installed SSD and RAM, started the unit. Upgraded BIOS to V33

      Installed windows 7 and all updates(x number of restarts) plus programs needed for my purposes.

      Using the new NUC for more than +10 hours suddenly it freezes and nothing else than pulling the power cord is possible.

      Restarting the NUC only hear the fan goes, no other signs of life.

      ps this was not during BIOS upgrade. I was only using my computer.


      I pulled the Samsung 950 PRO 256GB -MZ-V5P256BW. Not POSTing

      I then pulled the Corsair 8GB ram 2133MHZ-CMSO8GX4M1A2133C15. Not POSTing


      Suggestions other then RMA