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    3770K no PCI-E


      Hey ,

      I have a 3770K, on my ASRock Z77 OC.

      Unfortunately my PCI-E port no longer works ( graphics card ) . The 1x works, but not 16x .

      Port 1 + 3 is 1x
      Port 2 + 4 and 5 is 16x

      The sound card is not working in Port 2 + 4.
      In 1 + 3 and 5 it works.
      I put my graphics card in port 2 + 4 it is not working .
      I put the graphics card remains in port 5 the picture is black , whether I want to use the HD4000 GPU or graphics card .

      Now I have a test basis worried me a Celeron G460 . With this CPU all PCE - E function ports .

      Can it really be that is the PCI - E connectivity defect on my CPU ?

      Is there a way I could do that it could work again ?

      Otherwise my 3770K works perfectly . The HD4000 GPU works .
      Everything Prime stable.

      Hope you could understand my problem,my English is not so good .

      Greeting Aroja