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    i7 920 voltages/heat/overclock


      Hi, recently I attained a new cooler for this beast of a cpu, Zalman CNPS10X to me more precise and now to the question.


      The reason for your (intels) voltage "limits" for safe use, do they still apply when having VERY (yes VERY) good aircooling or watercooling? As im currently running my at (approx figures); 4ghz (turbo off yet it still kicks in, dont know why), HT on and voltages are the following:

      vcore:~ 1.4-1.45v


      cpu PPL: 1.88v

      RAM: 1.64v


      So basically my question is, will these voltages be safe as long as my cooling is fine? (its VERY good) Running 4 threads on prime95 for 1hour now with temps around 68-72 with spikes to around 75 (Yes I know its slightly above the so called "69c limit" but I dont plan to run this CPU for more than maybe 1-2 years)


      Idle temps are about 45c.


      Thanks on beforehand, and please done come with one of those official answers like "never go past 69c or past our preset limits" as that applies to (I think?) default cooler, just some input if it might work fine.


      [Edit]: Now running at: Vcore: 1.35v QPI: 1.43v rest same vattage, this stable for 2 hours at 8threads (100% load) prime95 between temps of 65-71 @ 4ghz, HT on and turbo entirely OFF now. so, is the vattage okay as long as the cooling is sufficient? Message was edited by: Zeux