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    Scaling issue


      Hello everyone,


      I just bought NUC (Windows 10, 32bit) and am very happy with it. However, there's one problem I can't seem to fix. When in my native TV resolution, the screen is "too large" meaning that the title bar and start button don't show. If I try to chance scale in my newly updated graphics driver it doesn't allow any change. It's stuck in "maintain scaling" or something like that. My only solution so far has to lower my resolution down to 1600x900 instead of 1920x1080. Can anyone assist me on how to fix this?



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          This is probably a problem of your TV. It does overscan. This should be fixed on your TV. See whether you can disable overscan. The only solution you could do on the client side is not using the pixels which are not shown, effectively reducing the usable resolution. I don't know if/how this can be done in Windows.

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            Thanks for your response.


            Yes this is overscan, but I thought the Intel Driver "scaling" menu was to fix exactly that. However, I can't seem to change the scaling option for some reason. Are there different drivers I can try with active scaling functionality?

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              Lokutos is correct, this is something you can adjust on your tv. You should have an aspect control option (most newer tvs have a button on the remote) called "aspect", "wide", or something similar.

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                The thing is, the TV is that old, one of the first plasmas, so it doesn't have such feature. That's why I was hoping to fix it with the driver, but since the scaling option is stuck I can't do anything about it. Any idea how to fix the scaling feature?

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                  I'm running Windows 10 (64 bit) on a NUC5i7.  The Intel Iris Graphics Control Panel has the following:

                  • Maintain Display Scaling
                  • Maintain Aspect Ratio
                  • Scale Full Screen
                  • Center Image
                  • Customize Aspect Ratio


                  Have you played around with these settings?  It would seem one (or a combination) would get you where you want to be. Obviously it's hard for me to say since I don't have the same TV, but on my display the Customize Aspect Ratio allows direct control over scaling.

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                    Sorry, I should have mentioned, those settings can be found under Display, General Settings, Scaling.

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                      That's my entire problem. The Scaling feature is fixed in "maintain display scaling" for some reason. Can't change it at all. If I set resolution to 1600x900 instead of 1024x1280 the scaling feature is fixed at "center screen". Can't change it at all. I'm trying to figure out why that is.

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                        Are you sure you're running the latest video driver?  What you describe was a known issue a while back, but I thought the newer drivers resolved the issue.

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                          HD 4400: Can't turn off "Maintain Display Scaling"


                          Does that look/sound like your issue?  If so, updating the driver should resolve it.

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                            Aren't these options just to tell the GFX driver what to with (full-screen) apps which want do display with a different resolution? E.g. a game which is set to 1280x720. I tried playing with these and they don't seem to have any effect. I wanted the driver to use switch to the resolution (i.e. don't do any scaling) so that my monitor does the scaling, saving a bit of RAM bandwidth. But whatever I did, the game was always displayed scaled and at the native resolution.

                            Anyways, I don't think you can underscan with these options. You would need to be able to configure the amount of pixels (top/bottom, left/right) to underscan.

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                              Just to confirm, I opened the scaling options and selected Customize Aspect Ratio.  As expected, sliding the vertical and horizontal scales allowed me to adjust the image, shrinking and growing it at will.  Since this is what the original poster was asking to do, I believe this is the correct setting to change. However, if the setting is disabled it isn't much help. To be clear, I'm not saying this will be the solution. I'm suggesting Helnar trying the settings to see if they have any effect.  For my screen, they give me a good degree of control for scaling.

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                                But did you manage to get a black border on all sides? That what you need for underscan (to compensate the TV's overscan) and I don't think it's possible with manipulating the aspect ratio (which would also distort, well your aspect;)).

                                But I had a quick look and at least in my settings I can add a custom resolution *and* specifiy underscan in percent. That's exactly what OP needs. I tried it and get a black border on all sides.

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                                  Thanks. The thing is I just recently used the auto driver update utility, and it gave me this driver. Can you help me figure out what drivers my system specs need?


                                  Windows 10 (32 bit)

                                  CPU: Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Core 2.0G

                                  2gb RAM
                                  Graphic chip: Bay Trail (8083-0f31) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_graphics_processing_units


                                  The driver version is: 10-18-10-4252.

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                                    Yes, that's what I'm saying. I was able to get a solid black border on all sides, approximately 1 inch top/bottom, 1.5 inches left/right.

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