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    Intel NUC 6th Generation HDMI Blank Screen


      I have an Intel NUC6i3SYH with GX driver connected via HDMI to a Onkyo AV receiver and my issue is same as the one below


      When changing input sources on the receiver and then coming back to the NUC's HDMI source, a black screen appears.


      The only way to regain a signal is to reboot the NUC but this is not desirable - I wish to leave the NUC running and be able to switch back and forth to other sources


      As other people have mentioned it seems that is not an uncommon problem and some other NUC models are suffering from the same HDMI sync/handshake problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, perhaps a revised driver or BIOS is required?

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          Hello, redsc1:


          I have some recommendations for you regarding this:


          1. Check if your AV receiver has a newer firmware to update it.

          2. Test the system with the default drivers from Windows, uninstall and let windows install the defaul drivers.

          3. Test your system with the latest drivers available from Intel® site.

          4. Check your power options to change the display to never turn off.

          Download Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7*/8..1*/10* for Intel® NUC


          I look forward to your outcome.



          Esteban C

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            Hi Esteban


            OK I have tried all your points (except point 1 as I can not update the receiver firmware, but given that no other device connected via HDMI has this issue is not the receiver) and they make no difference. I have even noticed that putting the NUC in either Sleep or Hibernate and waking it up does not bring the display back. The only thing that resolves the issue to reboot the NUC. This means that I can not leave the NUC running and switch back and forth to other sources which is why I bought it.

            I am very disappointed in this, I have a PS3, XBOX and Apple TV all connected via HDMI to same Onkyo received and none of them has this problem - it is an issue with the NUC, and given the number of other complaints with different model NUC's this seems to be common problem and really needs to be addressed. I got rid of a Zotac ID83 in favour of the NUC and even though thar had an intel chip and was HDMI connected to the receiver it also did not have this issue.

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              You might also want to try setting the HDMI output as the default primary video port in the BIOS:


              Under "Advanced - Devices - Video"  the value "IGD primary video port" by default is set to "auto". Set it to "hdmi", save and reboot.


              It did help me with a like problem connecting to a Dell Multi-input monitor.


              There is one caveat, if I unplug the HDMI cable from my NUC while up-and-running and a couple of seconds later plug it back in, the screen comes back all right, but the position and size of the active windows is changed. It seems that while disconnected Windows decides that I'll be plugging in a much smaller screen than the normal 2560x1600 screen I use and it re-sizes and moves all active windows to the upper left side of the screen. So I have to manually re-size and re-position the windows and replace the status-widgets (no idea how these are called nowadays) that normally reside on the right side of my screen. This behavior does not happen when I select another input on the monitor and leave the HDMI cable in.




              (edited answer for HDMI instead of DP)

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                Hello, All:


                Paulussie Thank you for providing this workaround.


                redsc1 Feedback is always very important for us and it can help other users that could have this issue or similar, it would be good if you provide us with your feedback with this workaround/possible solution.


                I look forward to your reply.



                Esteban C

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                  I faced a similar issue.  I didn't look for a work around since, after testing it with the newly arrived monitor, I don't have to switch monitors on it.


                  Interestingly, plugging the old monitor back in didn't work.  I had to power off and back on to get it to send signal again.  I've seen other modern computers do that as well so I just thought that it was an HDMI issue.

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                    Hi Paul - thanks for your suggestion.


                    I did try this but unfortunately it does not resolve the issue.


                    Unless there are any other suggestions I think I may have to return the product as I can not be constantly shutting down and rebooting when I need to use it!



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                      Hello, redsc1:


                      After doing further research for this situation, I encountered with an interesting article that could help.


                      As the publisher of the article says, this HDMI handshake issue is common and with different systems, now in that article you will encounter with a possible solution for this.


                      Basically, it is an script that will be called when the PC wakes from sleep (chances are you are able to change the log, more about this in the article) and it restarts the graphics driver, which would bring up the image from HDMI again.


                      I know your issue is to from sleep mode, the main issue is the HDMI handshake and this does trigger that (restart graphics driver).


                      Please read it and provide me with your feedback and outcome.

                      Solving your HDMI handshake issues once and for all. | theHTPC.net



                      Esteban C

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                        I've added that page to my reference list.


                        This isn't a 'killer" problem for us but it is an occasional annoyance.


                        It's too bad I can't just make a batch file out of this to store on a thumb drive.


                        ...Though, I suppose I could parse the devcon listclass display results...   ...but that'll be more work than setting this up the few times it comes up for us.

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                          Hi Esteban


                          Thanks for doing the extra research. I am currently testing the workaround using DEVCON and will let you know the results - note my issue is not just related to sleep mode, it happens when switching to different HDMI source and then switching back to the NUC.


                          While I'm happy to test I would like to know what Intel are doing to try and resolve this issue. As I previously mentioned I have a number of other HDMI devices connected to the same receiver and none of them have this issue. I also had a Zotac PC with an Intel chipset and Graphics card that was connected to the receiver and did not have this problem. It would be good to know why we are we seeing this issue in the NUC's and what is Intel doing to resolve?



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                            This question is Not Answered.


                            I have an Intel NUC6i5SYH with latest BIOS and latest GX driver connected via HDMI to a Yamaha RX-A3050 with latest BIOS (installed 2 days ago).

                            My OS is Windows 10, fully updated.

                            My settings is to never sleep or turn of screen output.


                            To my amazement I also have the same issue, which is more or less the same I had with my former Haswell NUC.

                            In that case it took Intel about 1 year to create a fix (in the GX driver)!


                            I can also add that if I do a quick switch to an other source and then back I do get a message from Windows that I should change the resolution to the 'optimal' 2048*1536.

                            My Sony TV connected to my receiver is a full HD (1920*1080) which is what I have set in Windows!



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                              OK so the good news is I can confirm that the DEVCON workaround is actually working for me. I could not download the DEVCON app from the link in the HTPC article but I eventually extracted it from the Windows 10 driver kit (WDK). I set up a scheduled task to run the batch file as soon as the NUC wakes from sleep and this resets the graphics card and the display works correctly every time. The only downside is that the desktop icons get re-arranged when the card is reset, but this is a minor thing compared to actually working around the main issue.


                              My gripe here though is that I am unhappy I have to go to these lengths to make the NUC work correctly. Previously I used Zotac boxes for my HTPC but got rid of them because of continued issues with the power supplies. I thought I'd switch to the NUC's as you would think Intel would be a 'safe bet', but it's just disappointing to find I have swapped one issue on the Zotac for another on the NUC - why can they just work as they are supposed to? My Apple TV, PS3, XBOX and cable sat boxes all cost less than the NUC and none of them have the HDMI issue. Come on Intel lets get this fixed!


                              I have also noticed that like other people I can not get the 5Ghz wireless working but that's another thread and story!

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                                Hello, redsc1:


                                I am glad to hear this workaround is working for you.


                                Let me further investigate into this, please provide me with the information requested in the link below:

                                Default level information for reporting Graphics issues



                                Esteban C

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                                  I had the same issues. I hope you saw that the beta version of the graphics driver solves it. Download Intel® Beta Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40]

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                                    Thank you for the feedback on the behavior of the newer graphics driver Beta



                                    Esteban C