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    Help! Black Screen of Death on Windows 10


      About 3 weeks ago I reinstall Windows 10 64-bit on my Dell Inspiron 14 5447 laptop. Things worked pretty well before I did that but I wanted a clean start. With the exception of the Realtek SD card reader driver, I used only drivers that were supplied by Windows update.


      Well I found out that I was getting intermittent black screens of death after waking my computer from sleep. After much research I installed of the IEMI driver from Dell's support page for this laptop and it fixed the problem and life was good. At this point the Intel video driver was


      Well a few days ago the video driver got updated to and I am getting black screens of death after a restart (but not a shutdown followed by a power on). After this black screen of death I have to hold the power button down for 10-15 seconds and have it reboot. The only way that I can consistently get it to start after doing a restart is to keep hitting a key on the keyboard. What is going on with this?


      I've tried the Dell driver for this computer, with the same bad results.


      This is a Haswell processor with Intel HD Graphics 4400.


      Is there any fix for this?