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    How to use the ADC on Arduino Breakout board?


      Hi All


      I am using Intel Edison with the Arduino Breakout board, I want to do programming using Arduino IDE. Although I am able to run the blink example from Arduino IDE.


      I want to use the ADC A0 - A4 on the breakout board. If I connect any potentiometer to the ADC port and run the ADC example from Arduino, I do not see any change in the ADC value as i move the pot. Is there any configuration that needs to be done to make the ADC work? I understand that the ADC is connected over SPI to Intel Edison and may need some configuration changes.


      I went through the article at http://www.emutexlabs.com/project/215-intel-edison-gpio-pin-multiplexing-guide but i was not able to make the ADC work.


      Any help or pointers in this direction would be helpful.


      Final Aim: To use the ADC of the Arduino breakout board through Arduino IDE.