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    NUC6i5SYH all windows on main screen after screens are waked up




      I have two screen, one is connected over hdmi (main screen, Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM) and the other one is connected on the mini dvi port (HP w2207h), with a mini dvi to hdmi cable. After the screens go to sleep and I wake them up, all windows are on the main screen.

      This is very annoying, when I was working and after I get a coffee, I have to rearrange all the windows ... anyone an idea? I searched and searched but there is nothing which affects this behavior ...


      While researching this behavior I also find out:

      - That after waking the screen up, the side screen always activates for a split second and the goes black for a split second and all windows are on the main screen. It's like it detects the the screens again.

      - Both monitors are also recognized as speakers. Sometimes after waking up it doesn't has any speakers and after a split second they are recognized again. But sometimes it doesn't recognized the speaker on the second monitor.


      I think it doesn't think it doesn't memorize the monitors and that's the reason why it moves the windows. Any suggestions?




      My system:

      Windows 10 Professional (64bit)



      2 x Kingston HyperX Impact HX424S14IB/8

      Samsung SSD SM951-NVMe 256GB

      Samsung HM640JJ


      WLAN, Bluetooth and IR are deactivated in BIOS.


      BIOS Version 0033 and all driver are newest from Treiber und Software.