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    Intel Edison Arduino breakout board ADC sampling rate slow


      Intel Edison Arduino breakout board ADC sampling rate is stated in the "Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino Hardware Guide (February 2015,Revision 007)"

      subsection 3.3 (attached):

      "The analog inputs are fed to an ADS7951 A/D converter. This device has the following features:

      • 20 MHz clock rate

      • 12-bit A/D conversion

      • 1 MHz sample rate..."

      I am using the Edison Atom Eclipse, programming in C++ using the mraa library and cannot achieve a sampling rate higher than about 10 kHz.

      How can the information in the Intel Edison Arduino breakout board hardware manual be realized?

      Or is the information given wrong or ambigous? (Like: "The ADC can sample at 1 MHz but the SPI-bus can't transfer at that rate")


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          Hi Tomas,


          I checked the document you have posted and I looked for more information in order to find if someone else has done more tests with this and if someone has been able to use a higher sample rate.

          I found the following:

          The ADC has a 20 MHz clock rate and the Sample Rate of it is 1MSPS. There are other threads where you can find more discussions related to this:

          Edison Arduino board: ADC sampling rate

          Re: Edison ADC


          This one has very useful information: Maximum ADC sampling rate.:

          ...the ADS7951 can be connected to 1Mhz SPI to sample and transfer data at 1 MHz. Edison SPI linux driver in the current release that is used by Arduino for Edison can only reach 2.9KHz. Intel made the SPI driver source code available through the BSP for the users to make changes and customize the SPI driver to fits their needs.