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    How do we reset the devices, update bios, update to Windows 10, and not brick the device?


      I've purchased two of the Compute Sticks.  I love the idea.  Unfortunately, the devices seem to now be completely bricked.  Both devices attempted to install Windows 10 x32 bit a while back.  One succeeded, one did not.  Unfortunately, neither device is currently in a state where it will boot.  I have attempted to use the f8 recovery option on both, and had no success on either option.  I would like to set both devices to running Windows 10 and have them locked down, unfortunately, I can't seem to get anything to be recognized on boot.  I have added a usb extender so that I can have keyboard, mouse, and a dvd device connected, but this seems to only be working intermittently.  I'd like to get the bios updated and have them run Windows 10, but it does not seem to be that easy.  The problem seems to be that Windows Updates do not work well with the compute stick and the Windows 10 update feels like a disaster for these devices.  We are not running any custom software on the devices, though that will change in the future.  We are just using them as web browsers today.


      Question:  How do we update the bios, update to Windows 10, lock the device so that Windows Update won't randomly update unless we specifically allow it, and not brick the device?


      I actually love the idea of the device.  However, it seems to fail in the real world.  Here are some things I think the device needs:

      • Some built in way to turn off Windows Automatic Updates.  Only update when I say it should.  Yeah, there are ways to run commands in windows and edit the registry to do this, but I'm suggesting an easy to use interface that turns off automatic updates.
      • 32 gigs of ssd is too small.  Minimum should be 64 gigs.  This will keep major updates to windows from failing.
      • is there a way to hear about updates for the compute stick?  I really need something better than google.  I just found out about the remote keyboard for android/ios.  That would have been incredibly helpful.  I'd like to know more about the bios updates as well.  I had bought one of the first compute sticks.  I would have liked to have known that Windows 10 can randomly fail during an update before I spent a bunch of time pounding on the keyboard letting it do updates and failing.  I don't like reading about the update failures in the bios readme.
      • Some mechanism to "harden" the device.  I'd like to buy these for customer displays of our product, however, I just can't give these to customers and not expect to take a hit for not providing them support.  I'd like to turn off a customers ability to do anything with the device except use it.  I don't want them to be able to install software (one wanted to install MSFT office on it), perform updates, or do anything without my permission.