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    Graphics Driver doesn't seem to update


      Hello everyone,


      My notebook is a HP ProBook 450 G1, with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600. The manufacturer hasn't uploaded any graphics drivers for my device since August, so I came to Intel's and tried to download and update my driver, but I wasn't allowed to, because of the manufacturer, so I've updated my graphics driver manually (with the .zip method). The latest driver, according to the site, was released on January the 19th, but by checking it on the Device Manager, it says that my driver was released on October the 10th.



      My question(s) would be, weather this is a normal thing, when I've updated my driver manually, or not? Does that mean I don't have the latest driver? And if it does, is there any method I can use to get the latest one?


      I tried to update my driver with the Device Manager, but it set the manually updated driver back to the previous one (the one that was released in August), so I don't think that would be a solution.


      Thanks for the answers in advance, and have a good day,