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    ssh into Ubuntu compute stick is extremely laggy




      I added sshd to the Ubuntu stick and did a full apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade, I've also updated the stick firmware to 31 and it now boots nicely while headless.


      Network connections *out* of the stick are as speedy as you would expect, including ssh-ing into servers etc. from the console. ssh into the stick, however, is really laggy. It's not login time (my dns is all set up, but in any case the problem is not login speed - that's totally fine) it's when you're logged in, response is very lumpy. It's sort of like an over aggressive nagle algorithm would feel, but I don't think it's that (a) because I've tried changing socket options, using -X etc. and (b) it's variable - the number of bytes that I type and how long it takes to respond seems too random. The data returned is plenty fast though (eg. you can watch top update in realtime).


      Does anyone have any ideas? I'm wondering if the wifi latency is very asymmetric or something.