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    USB causing hang at POST.


      I'm having an issue with XHCI on Windows 7 and hanging at POST.

      This issue has occured on multiple platforms, namely an X99 motherboard and an Intel DH77DF (series 7/H77) motherboard.


      As the X99 board has multiple USB controllers from different vendors, although the issue is the same on both platforms, I'll focus on the H77 board as it is Intel Log


      Basically when I install a Logitech C920 webcam onto the PC, with the latest Logitech drivers and webcam software from their website when the XHCI drivers are present it all installs normally however when performing a warm reboot afterwards without fully shutting down the system will hang at POST for a while then boot to the operating system where the device won't be detected. Subsequent warm reboots yield the same results. The solution is to disconnect and reconnect the webcam or fully shutdown the system and then power it on again after which the system will boot normally with the device detected.


      After uninstalling Intels XHCI drivers and installing the webcam drivers again (after installing them first ) then rebooting the issue is not present. This was tried multiple times with no issue.

      Installing Intels XHCI drivers and reinstalling the webcam again causes the issue to present itself.


      Is this a fault with Logitechs driver? Although it is a product they still sell the latest driver is from 2012 but then I do not see how simply installing a driver for a USB device could cause the entire system to hang at POST.


      Thanks for any help you can provide

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          A bit more info on this...


          I've been messing around with my X99 board which has 3 USB 3.X controllers on it (Intel USB 3.0, VIA USB 3.0 and Asmedia USB 3.1).


          The issue occurs on this board no matter what controller the device is connected to be it the intel, via or asmedia ports.

          Simply uninstalling the intel XHCI driver (the latest version released on Jan 29 2016) resolves the issue on all USB ports. Re-installing the intel XHCI driver and the issue re-appears even with the other controllers USB driver/monitor installed.


          As the issue happens also with an Intel made board from an older chipset which uses a much older driver I do not know if the problem is with the logitech driver or the intel driver. Thanks

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            I would like to know, what follows the issue?


            Is this happening only with devices of an specific brand and model? or is it happening with a single device?


            If possible, you can test the system with similar products.


            I look forward to your reply.



            Esteban C