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    What Intel CPUs lack Intel ME secondary processor?


      Hi all,


      Like many who watched the recent CCC conference presentation about Intel ME,

      I was taken aback by the implications of having an insecure secondary service processor inside

      the Intel CPU chip package that can access RAM and peripherals such as Wifi,

      namely the possibility of a malicious rootkit that cannot be easily detected nor removed

      that can for instance exfiltrate data regardless of what OS is running and how secure that OS may be.


      Watch the video here: Towards (reasonably) trustworthy x86 laptops [32c3] - YouTube


      So I want to avoid Intel CPUs that have ME. I have noticed that the Core i3 5th Gen

      lacks vPro and TXT, which is reassuring, but is there nevertheless a simplificed Intel ME

      processor in the CPU package despite vPro being officially absent?