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    Game won't launch ...


      Got a NUC PC with Intel HD 5000 graphics and driver, maybe it's not the latest driver, but that PC is mostly used just for watching movies. Any way the official GoG game Nexus - the Jupiter Incident - launches instantly on this PC.


      The problem is another PC with a GeForce 770 graphics card and latest driver. The internal graphics has been disabled by manufacturer in BIOS, so there aren't any graphics card conflicts. And the OS is Win 7 - 64, which is the same as on the NUC PC. And both PCs use intel i7 CPUs. But when trying to launch game on the gaming PC with GeForce 770 card, the game crashes and displays in file "nexus_dx9.log":


      ***** ERROR

      Assertion failed.


      File: dspace.cpp

      Line: 548


      Expression: false



      Tried all windows compatibility modes, tried Windows virtual XP, tried all Nvidia graphics card setting adjustments turned off!


      The NUC PC is just not for gaming, so why can't it run on the PC with NVIDIA instead of internal Intel HD graphics???