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    WPA2_Enterpise (eduroam) ap config


      Hello all,


      I'm trying to use the edison in ap mode while having it connected to an wpa2_enterprise network. While the board connects normally (using connman) to the eduroam netowork in question, it cannot connect to it while trying to set up the ap mode. It fails after my laptop loses connectivity with the board (edisonXXXX.local page).


      Any advice?



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          Hi jrsall92,


          Just to check I understand you correctly you have both your computer and your Edison connected to the same network. The Edison is connected to the network using AP mode but whenever the computer disconnects the Edison disconnects as well and the Edison.local website stops responding. Is this correct?


          What steps have you used to configure the Edison in AP mode? Do you have the latest Edison image? What happens if you reboot the board while in AP mode, does the configuration persists?



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            If I simply connect the edison to the eduroam, using connman, it connects successfully. But, when I initiate the AP setup, after I connect to the edison from my laptop and navigate on the xxxxx.local page in my browser, I have to select a network for the edison to connect to. When there I select the eduroam, the rest of the procedure fails.

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              Just bumping this thread, any ideas regarding the original post?

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                What image are you using? In older releases AP mode was not available; I’d suggest you to flash to the latest one.

                Additionally, make sure you have completed the requirements:

                • You have assembled your board and connected it to your system.
                • If your system has WIndows*, you have installed the appropriate drivers for Windows. If you have already run the integrated installer for 64-bit Windows, the installer has already done this for you.
                • You have flashed your firmware.
                • A laptop/desktop with Wi-Fi* capabilities
                • An available Wi-Fi network, with network name, encryption type, and passcode
                • Bonjour* Print Services, for systems with Windows. This is required for Windows users to enable mDNS capabilities. To download the Bonjour installer, go to the Bonjour Print Services for Windows page at http://support.apple.com/kb/DL999  and run the installer as an administrator.


                Have you completed all requirements? Are you behind a firewall?



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                  I've done all of the above. Thing is that the network I'm trying to connect to is the one that the university provides, it's an eduroam. I can't connect to it simply with configureedison --wifi, I need to use connman after I set up a config file under /var/lib/connam. I also use the latest build available (yocto 1.7.2).

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                    Take a look at WPA2 Enterprise (eduroam) configuration .

                    Let me know if you’re able to connect to the eduroam.