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    Project Second screen constantly appearing


      I have Lenovo G500 i5 with Intel HD Graphics 4000 running Windows 10, latest update.  I purchased this laptop with Windows 8, upgraded it to 8.1, now Windows 10.  Problem started when I upgraded to Windows 8.1, has become worse on Windows 10.  Randomly, the 'project' screen pops-up even though I've not attached a second monitor or asked to project using W+P.  Once the pop-up begins, it will not stop and often makes screen go black.  If I hold a key, like the Fn or Ctrl or Esc (doesn't seem to matter which key), the problem stops.  When I release the key, it begins again.  Sometime, I can go for weeks without the problem, but then it will start, and stay for weeks again.  If I disable the Intel Graphics 4000 adapter, I only get the pop-up 'your pc can't project to another screen', and the screen will never go black, and holding the key will keep it from popping-up.  I've downloaded latest driver from Intel 4276, problem still happens.  I use the driver 4252 as it happens less frequently with that driver.  I've used the latest driver from Lenovo, still have the problem.  I've searched for malware and scanned for viruses, no luck.  I installed another hard drive from my wife's HP that has Windows 10 on the Lenovo G500, booted and same problem.  I'm out of things to try and could use some assistance if anyone has any ideas.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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          Hello dabird,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          Did this system worked fine before and then failed or this configuration never worked?


          Are you using any adapters to connect your second monitor? If yes, try using straight connection.


          Try updating your BIOS with your system manufacturer and see if there is an INF driver for you monitor that can help you; you can take a look to INF driver information here:

          Monitor .INF FAQ for Graphics Drivers


          Please try installing our generic driver you can download it at the following link:

          Download Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7*, 8.1*, 10 (3rd Gen & BYT)


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            Ivan, thank you for your reply.


            1)  I'm not tying to project to a second screen, Windows thinks I want to and the 'Project' screen keeps popping-up.

            2)  The Lenovo G500 laptop I purchased had Windows 8 installed.  The problem did not happen on Windows 8

            3)  I upgraded to Windows 8.1, the problem started under this release and now continues under Windows 10 which I upgraded to 8/15.

            3)  I have the current Bios offered by Lenovo for the laptop.


            As I stated in my original post, the problem is erratic.  I appear to be in a good period at date, but it could turn quickly and when it does, I cannot use the laptop much as the pop-up limits how much I can type and access email and websites.


            I will download the generic driver and install it when the laptop fails again.

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              Thank you for clearing that up and let me know how it goes after you update the driver.

              Also, I suggest updating your system through Windows update and all of the drivers from your system manufacturer website and it will be good idea to let know Lenovo about this issue as they are more familiar with your system and how the components interact with each other.