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    What Does the "E" Signify in "Broadwell E," and Other Naming Questions


      Hey everyone. I've been training myself to be able to recognize what the names of Intel Processors mean, and I have a couple of questions. First, what does E mean in Broadwell E mean? Is it linked to the Extreme Edition Processors?


      Second, are the letters at the end of processor names (The Alpha Suffixes) consistent in their meaning between processor brands? For example, does T mean the same thing in Core i7-6700T (On a Core processor it means power optimized lifestyle according to this page) as it does in Celeron Processor G1820T? I question this because there are some Atom server processors where a C means microserver, but then non server processors also have a C, and I doubt that that meaning transfers.


      Finally, on the topic of Alpha Suffixes, would you be able to tell the meanings of P, J, D, F, G, B, or A (I am assuming that the meaning is transferable between brands here, as discussed in the previous paragraph. Otherwise, there are tons of letters which are left unknown)?