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    No HDMI or DP output from HD 4000 adapter


      Hi. I have an Asus TX300CA with HDMI and DP outputs that have been working fine for over a year. All of the sudden both stopped working, so there is no way I can use an external screen anymore. No updates or hardware changes were performed before this issue appeared. I downloaded the latest drivers using the Driver Update Utility tool (which tells me after every install that my driver is not up-to-date, by the way, but this is a different story). The cables that I use work perfectly on other devices that do not use Intel HD 4000.


      I have seen a lot of other users reporting this issue, and the Intel support always coming to the conclusion to "contact the manufacturer". However, since the problem appears on all possible PC models something must be wrong with Intel. Just curious if some solution was found cause as far as I understand the problem is known for over 2 years.

      DxDiag and DispDiag reports are attached.