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    xx.xx.14.4264 Starwars Battlefront update - No Intel drivers


      I've been reading on the forums and note that Intel haven't responded to the issue that is arising when Battlefront is launched and notes that there is an out of date driver.


      I have downloaded the intel checking software and note no issue is flagged or update available for this.


      I run a Windows 7 Pro 64bit Intel core i5-4690K 16GB.


      I have had over 109 hours game time playing the game and this error has only come up today.


      I have changed nothing other than I noted an update from Battlefront 2 days ago.


      Can anyone advice or help because I can't see a way to fix the issue - it seems strange EA are advising to download an update that Intel don't provide.


      Any help?


      And, what is it with the Browse places - what does that mean?