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    ICS not starting up at all (no blue light)


      Dear Intel and Intel community,


      I purchased an Intel Compute Stick Linux about 2 months ago. Since then I had numerous issue's, all regarding the WiFi speed. I ended up buying an WiFi dongle which make the ICS truly fly when webbrowsing or Skyping!



      The ICS suddenly showed me a black screen with something like this "Please use an AC adapter." That's how I remember it anyways. I was watching a YouTube 720p video and then that happend...The ICS was plugged into my TV with the HDMI extension cable that came with the ICS. I was using a 2m long quality USB cable with the provided 5V 2A wall-adapter. I was using an USB-hub with an Logitech unified receiver attached to it and an Logitech WiFi dongle. All the products I used with the ICS are products I bought to use with the ICS. So all of them are new.


      Ever since then, the ICS refused to start up at all! Blue LED light does NOT turn on. There is NO output on the display!



      I am using the provided wall adapter. The following is in chronological order:


      1. Search for this issue on the internet & in the ICS intel community forum

      2. Remove the microSD card and USB-hub

      3. Use the provided short cable

      4. Plug the ICS into another HDMI port and to 2 other monitors

      5. Press the POWER-button manually instead of relying on the auto-on functionality

      6. Followed steps 2-5 and tried it out with my Galaxy S6 charger (dynamic charger, auto-adjusts between 5V - 9V with max. 2.5A)


      WHAT DO I WANT?:

      I'd love to have an working ICS stick again!