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    Dell Inspiron 2350 - RealSense not found or working !


      6 month old Dell Inspiron AIO - fitted with RealSense Camera (I can see it) into the monitor - staring at me.


      • W10,
      • 16gb,
      • all bang up to date.



      • Windows camera App opens to show terrible, slightly green colour cast, grainy picture (as used on Skype)
      • Cannot open DCM
      • Drivers shown Depth, R200, and RGB
      • I cannot do anything with the camera.
      • Cannot find the DCM software anywhere on the PC under Prgrams  to adjust / modify any aspect of the camera
      • I went (repeatdely) to the INTEL site, downloaded the DCM, ran it and got the message "a newer version is installed"




      • I deleted all the drivers to start from scratch
      • Went to the Intel site, do do a fresh install of the DCM then got the message




      Microsoft Camera App no longer functions.



      I am SSOOOOOO frustrated.


      This is supposed to be a state of the art camera