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    DQ35JO - SDRAM - Chipset Reference Frequency


      I have been wanting to get my FSB over 333Mhz for quite some time now because I don’t have an unlocked multiplier, and I think I am getting closer but I still cannot do it.  I found that there was a 400Mhz mode added back in 2007, and when I set it in the Integrator Toolkit and apply the Bios it does not post.... 


      I am wondering if there is anything else I need to know, like I have to set the memory at 533 instead of 667 or 800.... or maybe this mode doesn't actually work.  The verbiage in the BIOS revisions specifically states "For overclocking" so I have to believe this was completely intentional in being available.  Also with this mode available I have to believe the hardware can do it.  I know other boards are used with the same chipset with very good overclocking results, so the chipset is capable.


      I have been trying different things, and it seems that SetFSB is the ticket but it will lock up the system after adding a few Mhz to the bus.  This doesn’t make sense, because the board would have nothing that close to locking up over a few Mhz unless there is a divider or something that is behind the scenes.  Is there a protection circuit like “test mode” or something that is enabled that will not allow the chipset to vary the frequency?\


      I tried forcing the CPU via BSEL pins to 400MHz and it did not post either, which I was hoping would not be the case but that is the result I was expecting.  Does anyone know the inner workings of this board or has anyone tweaked it?  Anyone know of another bios I can throw on there?  Does the latest bios support more FSB?


      I am going to try the latest bios tonight, as I found a potential answer to the problems it was causing me “extremely painful boot times” caused by the Trusted Execution Technology.  I hope it gives me some love.