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    Basic packages missing from repositories


      Hi all, i'm new to galileo but not to the embedded world even i can't be called a developer and i have an average linux user skills.

      I recently set up a serial telemetry system based of ser2net on a raspberry pi with a 3g connection and the data stream reaches the server trough a softether VPN connection and the vpnazure servive.

      On the Pi everything franlky runs flawless but i whanted to move all on the galileo platform to get the advantage of the minipci-e slot on the galileo board.

      I've installed the yocto image and tryed to install softether vpn but i stumble into missing packages that are not an issue on ubuntu and debian (pi and radxa boards) to be installed.


      In details what i found missing are






      I'm sure that yocto is a very good platform for developers but there is also a big slice of users that don't have skills interest time or bandwith in a building their own images to have the packages they need.

      i'm sure that with a decent linux image aimed ad the average joe linux user you could have a sucess comparabe to the pi one, if the community keeps ignoring the need to the unexperienced linux users i think that the galileo platform is probably not having any birght future, due to complexity and costs compare to other arm/debian or arm/ubuntu platforms so easy to use and with quite big communities behing

      plase don't aswer suggesting to use openvpn becouse is not an option !

      Many thanks.