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    s2600cp and P4308XXMHGC Tower Chassis. Updated bios from 02.03.0003 to 02.05.0004 lost FRUSDR settings. Fans now run full speed. Can't get back settings.


      So as title says. I have a server that has been running fine. Going to in the near future move over to a virtual setup with it. Right now it is just running Server 2008 R2 and SQL2008.


      I did the EFI Bios update from 02.03.0003 to 02.05.0004. When I was doing it, I received an error on the bios update.


      "bios update the capsule file failed in the security compliance check" So the Bios did not update but all the other Bios did. Then when I got to the last part of the Bios Update the FRUSDR part, I got the msg: "Fan Configuration is not Valid, falling back to user Selection as Auto-detection is not possible. I get 3 options.

      Select the SKUs:

      1 Intel (R) Server Chassis P4000M Non Redundant Fan SKU

      2 Intel (R) Server Chassis P4000M Redundant Fan SKU

      3 Other Chassis

      I choose 2 and get

      Power Supply is not detected.

      Hot Swap Backplane is not detected.

      Probing sensors for SDR through CFG Started

      and the search process takes place.

      So when done and reboot my fans are running full speed.


      So First thing I do is a Bios Emergency Restore and restored 02.03.0003 Bios.  It took. Then I did the EFI Bios for 02.05.0004 again. Everything went fine The Bios took no problem till I got to the FRUSDR Update. Same thing again. I also checked that my Fan settings in Bios are Accoustic.


      The short is after running the Bios a few more times Only choosing Update SDR and trying to manually enter Chassis info I have gotten the fans to run half speed.


      There is also a lot of things screwed up in BMC Web Console. No sensors show up. some pages pop up 404.


      Under system health in between  events  at attempts at trying to work with FRUSDR settings. I did receive "System Fan 2   reports the sensor is in a low, critical, and going lower state - Asserted"


      So could I have a bad fan causing the system not to autodetect? I have a new Server with a P4304 Chassis that has not gone into production yet so I could try some fan swaps.


      Pretty much right now I am not sure where to continue with this.


      I have included a screen cap of the FRU info from BMC Web at end of post


      The Chassis information section Is where I manually entered info. I got the serial number wrong. Not sure If I put part number in right either. You can also see the drop down box does not show Baseboard but Wingdings and when I click on it it will not drop down to the other options.


      I either need to know why it is not Auto Detecting. or be able to manually enter in the right info. That is where I am at. Help Please. Thank You!