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    IMS Intel Modular Server vs large drives (512 emulated, ST1800MM0128)

    Matthias Jaenichen


      since may 2011 we are running IMS (MFSYS25V1, Firmare 6.9) and are still happy with performance, but our DATA messies keep collecting everything that they see (common problem everywhere).


      So we decided to add more storage, but face two problems:

      1) There is no new external Storage available that connects propperly to the miniSAS.

      2) the THOL rev 3_6 is terribly outdated (well, MFSYS is EOL)


      We are running already a mix of 600, 900 and 1200 GB Drives (all Seagate) that are not in the THOL but they are stable and work perfectly.


      We now decided to give 1800GB drives a chance. A clear statement from intel was "4k-native is technically impossible" but neither intel nor Seagate could give an answer for 512 emulated drives.


      After short discussion we decided to give them a try. Two ST1800MM0128 were added to free slots and are now ready for testing.

      1) The drives report correct

      2) no problem to create a Raid 1E-Pool, virtual disk, VM-Datastore, VM-disk

      3) no problem from a W2K8 box moving several 100 GB to the drive and back
      4) HDD tested with passmark


      Result: no problems

      Please add comments on similar experience, proposals for further test and share this knowledge to others.

      It would be nice to compile a community based THOL, because I am convinced there are still many IMS out there, that perform a great job, but suffer from storage