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    BIOS Update issues with a DH61BE


      I am having trouble getting the board to boot passed the EB code and splash screen.  I can enter the BIOS or Boot Menu screen. but that's it.  I can't boot from SSD, USB flash, or CD.  The board is at BIOS 0032, and it has an i7-2600 and 8 GB of Patriot DDR3 memory.


      I understand I need to update to 0048, then 0099, before going to the latest.  Using the BIOS's update function (F7) tells me I need to use iFlash.  However, I can't boot any device to do so.  When I try the recovery steps using the onboard jumper, nothing happens.  I have only the 0048.BIO file on a flash drive, which is detected by the BIOS, but the recovery procedure never even displays anything on screen.  I am dead in the water at this point and I am not sure how to proceed.


      I can provide more details, if needed.

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          First of all, to ensure no interference, remove the board and power supply from the chassis and test it on a grounded/isolated surface with only one DIMM installed (in slot 0) and only power supply and keyboard connected to it. Yes, it's a pain; do it anyway. After power on, use F2 to enter BIOS Setup and then use F9 to set to the BIOS configuration to defaults. Yes, you've probably done this before; do it again anyway. Plug a USB 2.0 (not 3.0!) flash drive that has been freshly formatted (yes, do it again!) with FAT32 and containing only the 48.BIO file, into one of the USB 2.0 port on the rear of the board (not into USB 3.0 and not into any cabled ports or hubs). Save settings and exit BIOS setup. When BIOS splash screen appears, press F7. You should get a dialog that allows you to browse to and select the .BIO file on this flash drive. Telling it to proceed, what happens? Be explicit in your details. Detail all messages seen.


          Let us know...


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            Thanks for the suggestions!  I'll do this over the weekend and report back.

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              I don't have an exact step that fixed the issue, but after multiple attempts and reattempts, I was able to get the BIOS updated all the way to 120 (latest).  I had to run the recovery process a few times, and iFlash2 a few other times, but eventually the system decided to take the latest BIOS and allow me to boot from USB.  I was able to install Windows 7, activate it, and then upgrade to Windows 10.  So far so good, and it seems perfectly stable now.


              Thank you so much for all the advice.  Much appreciated!