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    Intel Pentium G4400 with Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI Display Driver Fail?


      Problem: I recently bought the new Skylake Pentium g4400 processor and have combined it with a Z170XP-SLI Gigabyte Motherboard. The problem I keep having is that the display driver will randomly fail, I do a lot of multimedia and video work and the instability is causing problems. I also need to know if this is a hardware failure or a fix that can be done through software, mainly because if it is a hardware problem I need to return my parts while they are still under warranty. Can certain combinations of motherboards and processors cause this problem? If so is it permanent?


      Info & Specifications:


      MB Intel Specs 1.PNGMB Intel Specs 2.PNGMB Intel Specs 3.PNG


      I can also provide event logs from Windows Event Viewer or any other necessary info if needed, any help would be much appreciated, thanks!