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    Do any BIOS upgrades that are compatible with DP67DE support booting of USB3 external drives bigger than 2.2 TB?




      I have a system with mobo DP67DE, and a Western Digital "My Book" 3 TB external USB3.0 drive to use as a backup.  The drive runs o.k. if I don't plug it in until after the system boots up, but the system fails to boot with the error "BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempt" if the drive is connected and powered up before startup. This happens regardless of whether the drive is connected to a USB3 or USB2 port on the mother board.


      A note on the Western Digital site says that many PCs exhibit this failure mode if confronted with a drive of 2.2 GB or larger.  Currently the mobo is running BIOS 0064 and I note that the latest BIOS is 0079.  Would upgrading solve the problem?


      I also see there is something called "INTEL USB 3.0 Extensible host controller driver."  would that solve the problem?


      Thank you.