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    NUC6i5SYK overheated due to sleep/fan issue. Possible FW/BIOS problem!


      Hey there,


      I have a NUC6i5SYK here and after starting from a Windows 10 sleep state (for more than 12 hours in sleep overnight) I carried on working as normal. However I then went to plug in a USB stick and the NUC was very, very hot and no fan was working.


      I rebooted into the VisualBIOS and it shown the CPU core temp as 128.0 (C) and Memory at 87 (C) with Ambient at 78 (C). That was scary hot. Fan was showing as 0 RPM


      The cooling profile was already set to balanced but I toggled to cool and back to balanced and rebooted. The fan is now working as normal.


      I suspect this is a BIOS or Firmware issue that needs some investigation. I have the latest BIOS on the Intel website along with all the latest drivers (as of 28th Jan 16). I just wanted to post it here to see if anyone else experiences it and if Intel needs to jump on this for a fix?