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    NUC6i5SYH Chipset driver fails to install (other issues with driver update tool as well)


      I have the NUC6i5SYH with a Samsung V-NAND 256GB Pro M.2 Drive and 32GB of RipJaws G-Skill Memory (DDR4 2133 With Windows 10 Education


      I downloaded the driver utility updater and have a couple isues:


      1.  The Chipset version NEVER successfully installs


      2.  The RealTek ALC Audio drivers I have the latest update however the tool does not think so because it always has it checked and ready for download every time I run a scan

      Latest Version:

      Installed Version:


      3.  The Intel Serial IO host controller for NUC6i[x]SY Latest version vs installed version never updates... is this a result of a bug or type in the tool?


      Latest Version:  30.63.1519.07

      Installed Version:  30.63.1519.7


      Notice the difference in the last segment of the version.


      Thanks for your help.