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    Does intel edison have on-board timer to accurately do something at a repeating period?


      Hi all,


      I used an analog pin to collected sensor data. And I knew that the board is fast enough to allow me to collect sensor data more than 100Hz. My goal is to collect 100 samples per second, display it on serial monitor, and eventually save the data to a text file or csv file. (add time stamp as well).


      I tried to use arduino "Timer.h" to run a self defined function every second, it looks fine in serial monitor. However, when I used a software called CoolTerm to save the serial output, I found that it collects random samples per second. (In some seconds, it more than 160. In some seconds, it less than 50).

      Another question is, I noticed that the intel edison has 766MB storage space when I plug in the micro USB. Can I save the serial outputs to this space instead of using a SD card ? I am using Arduino IDE and how can I do that?