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    No Win10 drivers for my motherboard



      I need help!

      I want to update my Windows 7 to Windows 10.

      I have got an ASUS motherboard P8Z68-V LX and an Intel Core i7-2600K CPU.

      Motherboard has an Intel Z68 Chipset.

      The problem is lazy Asus did not release Windows 10 drivers for my motherboard.

      But i want them all!

      So i decided to install them manually.

      And now i am getting the second problem - the Intel website.

      It is so awful, so user unfriendly.

      When you want to update nVidia display drivers, you just pick your videocard, choose an OS and here you are - your latest drivers. Simple and easy.

      Intel receives billions of dollars but why cant they do the same?

      You have an Intel Auto Update Utility that totally not working - finding nothing.

      And we got a mighty search!

      First of all i am not sure what drivers do i need at all. Especially when Intel rename them.

      Then i am getting too many results of same file and i dont know which one do i need.

      Also i read somewhere that my chipset is no longer supported, so i cant install freshest driver, but need to find latest supported.


      Can you help me guys?

      I cant cope with this alone.

      What drivers do i need and how to find them here?

      Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

      Intel Chipset Driver? (INF?)

      Intel Management Engine?

      Anything else?

      Thank you.