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    [Intel Flash tool] fastboot error


      I am trying to flash Brillo images using the Intel flash tool in windows. And error I get seem to be not related to Brillo, but generic flash tool error.


      So when I follow this process,

      Copy all built files along with json, bin, img files in one folder and then try full flash with flash tool then I get error


      01/28/16 04:45:35.789 INFO  : [Port 1] Running `"/usr/lib/phoneflashtoollite/fastboot" "-s" "" "flash" "gpt" "/mnt/hgfs/D/brillo/gpt.bin"` command

      01/28/16 04:46:35.796 WARNING: [Port 1] Command `/usr/lib/phoneflashtoollite/fastboot "-s" "" "flash" "gpt" "/mnt/hgfs/D/brillo/gpt.bin"` timed out (60 s)

      01/28/16 04:46:35.797 INFO  : [Port 1] Retrying `"/usr/lib/phoneflashtoollite/fastboot" "-s" "" "flash" "gpt" "/mnt/hgfs/D/brillo/gpt.bin"` command

      01/28/16 04:47:35.807 ERROR  : [Port 1] Command `/usr/lib/phoneflashtoollite/fastboot "-s" "" "flash" "gpt" "/mnt/hgfs/D/brillo/gpt.bin"` timed out (60 s)

      01/28/16 04:47:35.807 ERROR  : [Port 1] Flash failed (Command type: Fastboot)


      Do we have reboot the edison in fastboot mode manually OR did flashtool did it by itself?


      Anyone facing this issue?

      please let me know how you guys resolved it.

      Any help would be really appreciated


      Thanks n Regards