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    DQ45CB psu - which ATX12V version


      Which ATX12V version provides sufficient current to satisfy the first 'Caution' (re +5V standby current) at Section 2.5.1 of http://downloadmirror.intel.com/16958/eng/DQ45CB_TechProdSpec.pdf  (ie v2.0 suffices or v2.1 necessary or v2.3)?

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          More importantly find one that meets the specs from section 2.5.1 Power Supply Considerations of the document you linked to. Aslo always 2.3 is going to be better than 2.2 or 2.1.

          But the rails is mor eimportant

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            Thank you for kind reply. Would you forgive me if I try and get you to spoonfeed me? You mean, from your understanding of the 'Considerations',  someone doing things on a shoestring could perfectly well get away with a (much cheaper) v2.0 PSU? I'll just be using a Celeron E3200 to provide aVT enabled platform for Microsoft's HyperV and maybe two Sata drives.


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