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    Bluetooth drivers not working in Windows-10 ( 7260 Wifi )




      I have been plagued with bluetooth driver problems with the Intel Wifi combo cards.

      ( 7260 and 3165 )


      I can not seem to get bluetooth to work with these wifi cards on some of my HP Pavillion notebooks.

      However on other identical HP notebooks that I have bluetooth works. Wifi works just not bluetooth.


      I have installed an optional  inexpensive USB bluetooth adapter ( IOgear USB adapter ) into my notebooks and bluetooth works fine.

      I was as easy as plug-and-play


      No divers needed to install.


      Why can't Intel Wifi/bluetooth combo cards be this easy to install?


      Why doesn't Intel provide bluetooth drivers to Microsoft so users don't have to install drivers themselves?


      So I know that bluetooth works on my Windows 10 notebooks. Just not with the Intel 7260 and 3165 wifi combo cards.


      Can Intel provide drivers that work to Microsoft?....