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    graphics card fail


      I bought a Lenovo laptop with a 2.10 Intel Processor, 64 bit. I am running Windows 10.

      There is a perpetual failure of the Intel HD Graphics 510 Card. I have 362 days left on my warranty. Lenovo tech support installed new drivers and then configured them. The problem persists. Lenovo error code:


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          Hello DLBearden,


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          What is the issue you get with your system, Blue screen of death, system freezes etc?


          Please try installing our generic driver you can download it at the following link:

          Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40 6th Gen]


          I will appreciate if you can let me know the result after installing this driver.


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            The Lenovo tech support installed the correct driver and configured it. When I do a system hardware scan it still has this result: Mathematical Operations Test Failed.


            Intel(R) HD Graphics 510


            Result Code: WVC007002-WL7V6M

            There is clearly a known problem with the graphics card and the driver is not the problem. I often have messages that the graphics card stopped and then recovered. Sometimes I have to restart the browser but I do not have bluescreen issues. This is a new computer and under warranty but I am in France. I bought the computer in Florida. I need to have contact info for a Lenovo warranty service center or Intel shop in France. I live in Sophia Antipolis and there are Intel offices here.

            Thanks for the response.

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              You mention the graphics card but the Intel® graphics is integrated in the processor if there is a graphics card it should from a different manufacturer, at this point if your unit is still under warranty your best support will be your system manufacturer Lenovo.


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